Winter Landscape Maintenance

Though it doesn’t get as cold in Georgia than it does up north, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take the proper measures in protecting your yard from the winter elements. Between low temperatures, cold rain and even sleet or snow, your yard is at risk for damage. With the help of your local North Georgia landscape company, yard maintenance in the winter can help you have a healthy and beautiful lawn come springtime.

Protecting Your Lawn

You may think that fertilization for your lawn is only for the spring and summertime, but it can actually benefit your yard in the winter, too. The fertilizer replaces nutrients in the soil that might have gotten lost in the Georgia summer heat. Even when the ground freezes over, your grass will feed off of these nutrients, presenting you with a lush and healthy lawn for the spring.

With a professional landscaper, they will know how to gradually cut down the height of your grass, so that it can stay healthy throughout the colder months. Grass that is too long in the winter can be victim to burrowing mice that are looking for a warm place to sleep. Short grass can prevent this from happening, as well as protect fragile, new growth.

Trimming the Trees

Winter months are actually ideal for trimming trees and shrubbery. Professional landscapers will be able to determine which trees need to be cut back. Dead branches can pose a threat to your home, as heavy snow and strong winter winds can cause them to fall. Trimming these limbs will keep your tree healthy and your yard safe.

Perennial plants can be trimmed in the winter too, to protect them from the cold and prepare them for the spring. Your professional landscaper can do so, while also keeping your yard clean. If debris or leaves are left on a lawn for too long in the winter, it can prevent the sunlight from feeding the grass, thus leaving you with dead spots in the spring.

Preparing for Spring

If you want to have beautiful and colorful flowers bloom in the spring, you should start preparing in the winter. Your landscapers will ready your flower beds by clearing them off, trimming existing shrubbery and edging the perimeter. Bulbs can be buried in a well-drained bed, so that you can enjoy your garden in the spring.

Yard maintenance in the winter can also include protecting these beds from the cold. With mulching, your landscaper can help the soil hold moisture and assist in keeping the beds warmer so that the bulbs don’t freeze. With this additional layer of protection, you can ensure a healthy garden for the spring. Between a lush lawn, trimmed trees and gorgeous gardens, you will have a spectacular-looking yard when the weather warms back up.

Are you worried about the health of your yard in the cold? If so, contact Vines Gardening, your local Atlanta landscape company, today for more information on how we can protect your yard this winter.