Summer Landscape Projects

At Vines Gardening, we offer a list of multiple services that would be provided to you to improve the look of your landscape. One of the many services we offer is hardscapes, which involves any form of stone or masonry work. From a warm fire pit to a luxurious waterfall, any fixture can be put together to make your yard a place of beauty. We can guarantee, we are the Best Atlanta Hardscapes Service provider for you.

Here at Vines Gardening, our motto is if you can dream it, you can build it. Anything your imagination can design, our builders will bring into a reality. The time and quality put into the project will amaze you, almost as much as the finished product. Any design, from a beautiful patio, to a fire-pit designed to light the night, to a peaceful waterfall, any design can be built, and in time for any event.

Privacy is an important matter, and it’s a matter we can discuss, and put into action. With our masons, we can build any form of privacy, and with a feel of beauty. Perhaps a stone wall, or maybe a little cove, any design can be turned into a functional separation from neighbors or passerby’s.

Not only is the design important, but the layout as well. A rock here, a rock there, it’s important to make the lawn beautiful in many ways. One of which is placement, stones and boulders can be place to surround any flower bed or tree, to provide a beautiful and pleasant feel. Your lawn will be amazing, and a definite pride factor for when family or friends visit.

At Vines Gardening, we provide quality service at a fair price.  If you want a beautiful outdoor space, give us a call.  Our landscape architects can make you the talk of the neighborhood! (678)-725-4452