Oakwood Landscape Service

Located in Northern Georgia, Oakwood is a town that is beloved by its citizens for its small town feel and access to the more metropolitan parts of the state. While separate, Oakwood is generally counted as part of the larger town of Gainesville, which makes it very close to the University of Georgia. Don’t be mistaken, however, because Oakwood is a town with its own distinct identity, and part of that identity is about landscaping.

Whether it’s about hedges, like the Georgia Bulldogs play between, or the kudzu that is so synonymous with Georgia, your first and last stop for Oakwood landscape services needs to be Vines Gardening. From installation to maintenance, hardscaping, drainage and more, we can meet all of your landscaping needs to make your yard picture-perfect throughout the year.

Over a Decade of Trusted Service

Vines Gardening is proud to have served the communities of Northern Georgia for a decade and a half. Our services range from commercial to residential and include everything from design to Landscape Installationdrainage to landscaping work. To find the best Oakwood landscape service available, there is no beating Vines Gardening.

Shaping your yard can be a reflection of your unique personality, and we understand that. The only thing that we care about in providing landscaping services is our customer’s satisfaction. Small job or large, Vines Gardening can handle it in the exact manner that you want. If you aren’t entirely sure what you would like to see in your yard, our design and consultation team can help you piece together the perfect plan.

Aside from offering landscaping services, we can also plan the ideal hardscape to give your yard a seamless flow. With stone and masonry, we can build patios, walls, steps and more to make certain areas of your yard more accessible.

Schedule Oakwood Landscape Service

Even in a small, bucolic town like Oakwood, it can be hard to make your home or business stand out from the crowd. To find the perfect Oakwood landscape services that will expertly treat your home or business, you don’t need to look any further than Vines Gardening. Whatever design you want for your yard, we can provide.

Vines Gardening works with a wide style of yard and design types, so we’re prepared for anything you can throw at us, including hardscape. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover, in person, how we can transform your Oakwood yard.