Oakwood Landscape Service

Originally called Odell’s Crossing, Oakwood, Georgia is home to nearly 4,000 people. Oakwood once served as a regular stopping place to refuel steam locomotives that were later powered by burned oak wood. This railroad was the main reason for the city’s growth and survival, and it allowed the city to expand in other industries such as bottle and brick production.

Oakwood in now in the midst of the ambitious endeavor to further develop the city, calling it the Oakwood 2030 project. The plan is designed to increase the standard of living for Oakwood residents through the development of recreational areas, shopping areas, biking trails, an active business district and more. Our team, Vines Gardening, is dedicated to continuing this development and growth through our quality workmanship and services offered at fair prices.

The Best in Oakwood Landscaping Services  

Vines Gardening is a family run business that provides residential and commercial lawn maintenance, hardscapes, drainage, stonework and design services. We are committed to providing you with Hardscapes N Gathe best outdoor care for your home by transforming your vision into reality. Most of our new clients are referred by existing clients because we do exceptional work here at Vines Gardening, and we take pride in what we do.

What We Can Do For You 

We do anything involving the outdoors and your yard; if it needs servicing, we can do it for you. We offer Oakwood landscape services such as design, landscape installation, consultation and maintenance. Our landscape services will transform and bring back to life your outdoor spaces. Our expert landscape architects will survey your outdoor space and tailor your design specifically to your needs and wants. Through our architects’ years of experience with jobs of all sizes and scopes, you will not be disappointed by what Vines Gardening has to offer.

Here at Vines Gardening, we also provide Oakwood lawn maintenance and Oakwood hardscapes services. We can take on nearly any hardscape project to completely transform your yard. Our services in hardscapes regularly include pathways, sidewalks, pavilions, patios, stairs, water features, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and much more. With these projects, we take into consideration your particular landscape and local ecology so your hardscapes can seamlessly blend into your yard for maximum aesthetic appeal.

We also provide clients with routine lawn maintenance. Customers can schedule weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services that keep your property looking tidy, clean and well-kept. You can get the most out of the natural beauty around your home or business with our highly trained and skilled professionals here at Vines Gardening.

If you are in the Oakwood area and are in need of lawn and landscaping services, contact Vines Gardening today.