New Trends in Hardscapes

Here at Vines Gardening, we offer a wide range of services, including design consultation, installation and hardscapes. As such, we know that new trends are on the rise when it comes to creating an outdoor space. If you’re looking to update your yard’s hardscape, here is how you can create a trendy and practical space for you and your family to enjoy.

Outdoor Living Rooms

While this sounds almost too luxurious, this new trend is actually an affordable way to create an outdoor space where your friends and family can gather. Generally, these outdoor “living rooms” are open patios that sometimes are covered with a lattice roof to provide shade on a particularly sunny Georgia day.

Many choose to put weather-proof furniture, like couches and chairs, in these spaces. Oftentimes, large, stone fireplaces are the centerpieces for these outdoor living rooms. Or, you can choose to install an above-ground fire pit for your friends to gather around. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to building an outdoor living room. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Serving an even more practical use is the outdoor kitchen. Like the outdoor living room, these outdoor kitchens are usually located on an open patio or deck. Grills typically are the centerpiece for these kitchens, which can be surrounded by counters.

Many choose to use these countertops as bars or seating areas for large cookouts. Sometimes these outdoor kitchens can feature an outdoor dining table, complete with a sun umbrella, which allows for you and your family to enjoy dinner outside in your beautiful outdoor space.

Water Features

Aside from pools and hot tubs, you can include other water features in your yard that are purely for your viewing pleasure. Natural-looking, small ponds and waterfalls are popular new trends. These water features can break up the monotony of green in your landscape and add a new texture to your hardscape.

Around these water features, you can always incorporate small gardens in your Dawsonville landscaping. By doing so, your yard would be colorful and unique to your personal tastes. Your outdoor space would become your own haven where your friends and family can gather, to escape the busy buzz of everyday life. 

Stone Materials

In both the outdoor living rooms and kitchens, stone and masonry materials are used more often than not. Many homeowners like the look of natural looking, light-colored stone, which usually complements the exterior colors of the home. These types of stones also go well with almost any type of plant, flower or shrubbery you may have.

These stone materials can extend beyond the patios, as you could use them to tie in the different aspects in the hardscape of your yard. For instance, you could use the same stone material in your outdoor kitchen as you do on steps, walkways and short walls. Stone materials can also be used in your water features to further create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your outdoor space.

If you are interested in updating your hardscape, contact us here at Vines Garden to see how we can help!