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Atlanta Landscape Maintenance Services

Your home is likely the most valuable thing you own. You want to protect its beauty and value any way you can, including keeping the lawn looking as great as the house itself. The only problem is, who has the time for all that lawn maintenance?

We do. Vines Gardening is a premier North Georgia and Atlanta landscape maintenance company. Our expert, highly-trained staff has decades of combined experience refreshing, maintaining and generally beautifying Atlanta landscapes. Whether you have a tidy half acre yard off Highland Ave. or an acreage tree-filled estate in Paces, we have the knowledge and skills to preserve the attractiveness of your landscapes while improving your property’s health overall.

Preserve your home’s value by keeping its lawn and trees healthy!

Scheduled Landscape Maintenance

One of our most popular services is an ongoing lawn care and landscape maintenance package, which provides you with carefree ongoing maintenance of your property. We offer both residential and commercial clients a variety of service packages to fit the unique needs of their lifestyle and their property:Lawn Maintenance Vines

  • Weekly Services — For clients who have hard-to-manage properties or who have an incentive to keep up appearances continuously. Get the best care possible and never miss important seasonal upkeep with our most comprehensive service. Weekly care means looking great all year round, no matter what!
  • Bi-Weekly — Plants grow fast under the Georgia sun. We recommend that our commercial clients and most of our residential clients have lawn care and landscape servicing no less than every 14 days. This level of service prevents major problems from occurring while keeping clients informed on the health of their property.
  • Monthly — For those who rather tackle most lawn care projects themselves, we offer monthly landscape maintenance services. These services go behind all your hard work to keep weeds under control, edges aligned, undergrowth managed, soil chemistry balanced and other critical projects that the average homeowner may not have the time or expertise for. Let us be your partners in keeping your property gorgeous while preserving its value.

Put your best foot forward to tenants and make your property a paradise with our ongoing commercial landscape maintenance.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Owning commercial property is a huge responsibility. You owe it to your tenants, their clients and your brand as a property investor to make your commercial property landscapes look as perfect they can. Our trained and experienced landscape maintenance professionals have the qualifications to satisfy these needs with the best possible service to our commercial partners.

We help your properties look good so that you look good in turn. Our landscape maintenance experts are skilled, quick and discrete, arriving on time and getting the job done efficiently so that they are never in the way. Boost your brand, encourage footfall and get the most out of your Atlanta commercial property investment with weekly or bi-weekly landscape maintenance.

Keep your property looking its best all year long with Vines Gardening!

Winter Care

Your landscape needs our help the most during the winter time. Preserving beauty and rotating seasonal plants keeps your property lush even when most other plants have withered.

Landscape preparation for the spring growing season is also critical to having a great-looking, low-maintenance landscape for the rest of the year. We offer fertilization and aeration services so that your lawn can hit the ground running when things warm up in the spring.


Few people who work a nine to five job have enough time to keep up with their yard. Unfortunately, the longer a yard stands neglected, the more labor is needed to restore it to an appealing, easy-to-maintain green space.

Vines Gardening is here to help. No matter how overgrown or disheveled your yard has become, we can apply our renewal expertise to dramatically improve the look and health of your landscape. We start by removing troublesome undergrowth and pruning lower tree branches to restore light penetration to your soil. Then, we can revitalize the soil and lawn by fertilizing, weeding, mulching and doing whatever else your lawn requires to be gorgeous and green again.

Landscape Design and Consultation

Landscape Service DawsonvilleLet us discover a new, striking look for your landscape design that complements the architectural strengths of your home and space. We can find out how to accentuate ornamentals, where the best spots are to install flower beds, how to balance green lawn space with dynamic growth and more. Your lawn will never look better than after we are done giving it a makeover from the roots up.


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