Tips for DIY Landscape Design

1. Think Practical Landscape Designs

When trying to create a landscape design for your North Georgia home, consider using natural resources such as rocks, trees and shrubs within your own yard. Here are a few common tricks to help you get the idea.

Use deciduous trees for extra shade around your home which can also help lower your summer cooling bills. You won’t lose out on extra sunlight during the Winter months since these trees will lose their leaves.

Consider utilizing evergreen trees as a windbreaker during Winter months to help lower your overall heating expenses during this part of the year.

You can also use smaller shrubs around the foundation of your home to act as a natural insulation. Fill in the open spaces for an attractive and practical appeal to help beautify your home.

2. Look for Design Inspiration

If landscape isn’t your profession and you lack the creative side or need something to ignite your imagination, consider looking for external inspiration. There are many websites online that cover the latest trends or classic strategies for making any home beautiful.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Search Pinterest for Landscaping Inspiration
  • Visit various landscape websites for professional ideas
  • Browse HGTV for backyard projects
  • Purchase a landscape magazine such as Lawns & Landscape or Total Landscape Care to get some cool ideas.ConclusionThere are plenty of articles online dedicated to providing good information to those who wish to take their landscape and lawn care into their own hands. However, if you recognize a problem that your DIY spirit alone can’t handle, always feel free to contact Vines Gardening and we’ll do everything we can to help!