Landscape Design and Installation

Atlanta Landscape Design, Consultation and Installation

Transform, revitalize or rejuvenate your outdoor spaces with gorgeous, inventive landscape designs courtesy of Vines Gardening Inc.

Our expert landscape architects have many years of experience handling projects of all sizes, scopes and types. We can give you a tranquil little garden pond in the corner of your yard or create a majestic, modern look throughout a larger complex. No matter what type of project you have in mind, we can make it a reality!

Your project can include:Landscape Installation

  • Concept drawings
  • Completed architectural drafting plans
  • In-depth analysis of soil, natural lighting and drainage conditions
  • Grading, uniloader earth moving
  • Hardscaping
  • Zone 7 plant selection for maximum hardiness
  • Plant bed installation
  • Planting
  • Long-term care and maintenance
  • Seasonal replanting plans

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Atlanta Landscape Design and Consultation

Our process begins with comprehensive design plans that take into account both the natural conditions of your site and your overall goals. By synergizing these two elements, we can envision the perfect landscaping project that accomplishes your goals while naturally integrating the unique features of your site.

We are capable of producing either on-site thumbnail sketches or full landscape architect blueprints used by trade professionals.

During this phase, we also consult with you to determine the best way to meet your project aims while taking into account both the advantages and constraints your site offers. We can help determine a working budget and your desired level of earth alteration in order to accomplish your goals. We can also determine which systems you need to implement, including electrical systems, utility lines, surface water drainage, sprinklers, lighting and more.

Our consulting services allow you to maximize your budget while making your vision a reality.

Zone 7 Perennial Planting Specialists

We specialize in Zone 7 trees and shrubs that offer the highest level of hardiness for the North Georgia climate. This category of plants allows you the maximum amount of enjoyment and the minimum amount of maintenance by providing hardy, perennial plants that thrive in the North Georgia sun and return every spring, year after year.

Our horticulture specialists can suggest a range of plants that meet the needs of your project vision. For example, we can provide entirely native North Georgia plants that have a minimal impact on the local ecology, or we can seek out exotic plants that transport your outdoor space into a faraway realm — all while making the most of our natural climate conditions.


Naturally blend flora with organic-looking structures while adding utility and value to your outdoor spaces. We can install retaining walls, walkways, patios, ornamental structures, outdoor fireplaces and more to provide the most beautiful and usable backdrop possible for your landscape.

Our more ambitious clients have even requested putting greens and outdoor kitchens. No matter how big or small your project is, we can make it happen through our engineering know-how!

Grading, Uniloader Earth Moving

The property you bought or own may not always be the perfect property for your outdoor landscaping design goals. Using our uniloaders and other earth-moving equipment, we can reshape the land to give it the perfect qualities for your dream project.

Level land to grade, improve site drainage, create multi-level visual interest or reshape the entirety of your land — we can get it done for you. With the knowledge of our landscape architects and engineers, we can also help ensure optimal performance year-round for your outdoor space, so that sinkholes or collapses don’t happen and heavy rains don’t mean washouts.


Daylight plays a critical role in how your landscape is arranged, but artificial light can have a huge say in how your property looks at night. Light pathways naturally accent areas, emphasize key features and improve safety. We have electrical technicians who are masters of low-voltage transformer systems that make Nightscaping low-cost and low-maintenance.

Install systems that enhance your property, impress visitors and add value to your home with 24-hour outdoor appeal.

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