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Let Us Create an Incredible, Inviting Outdoor Space for Your Home or Commercial Property!

Modern design takes all of the elements of a property into account, especially the sprawling outdoor areas. Rather than ignoring these vital spaces or transforming them into homogenous grass lawns, we can build interesting features that invite outdoor interactivity.

The right outdoor design features can enhance the usability of a space, making it more accessible and creating a sense of “flow” providing a place for visitors or guests to congregate. In most residential spaces, hardscaping brings the comfort and functionality of the indoors outside, essentially boosting the usable square footage of your home.

Let Vines Gardening offer all these benefits with our expert landscaping and hardscaping services. We put all of our effort into bringing your project vision to life, and we abide by only the strictest design, engineering and quality standards so that your hardscaping project lasts a lifetime or longer.

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We Take on Nearly Any Hardscaping Project

Transform the look, feel and function of your outdoor spaces while adding value. Almost no request is too big or too small! We can use stonework, brick, concrete, engineered wood or nearly any material you desire.

Examples of work we regularly do includes:Outdoor Kitchen

  • Pathways, walkways, sidewalks and pavers
  • Retaining walls
  • Pavilions
  • Water features
  • Planting beds
  • Ornamental design
  • Patios
  • Stairs
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor kitchens

With all of these projects, we take into consideration the natural factors of your landscaping and local ecology. Your hardscapes will seamlessly blend with landscaping and horticulture to create outdoor scenes that are truly spectacular.

You can take a look at our portfolio to see what could be in store for your property.

Hardscaping Design, Consultation and Engineering

Hardscapes N GaEvery project we undertake starts with extensive planning. We consult with you to understand your project goals as well as the unique features of your site. We can provide guidance on how to best adapt your project aims in order to create the maximum effect.

Our design consultation specialists uncover opportunities for your hardscaping along the way that enhance the existing features of your property. Make the transition from front yard to backyard seamless, or perfectly ornament your plants with a patio or water feature that makes you want to linger forever. Opportunities like these are revealed and discussed during the planning stages.

Once we have a clear idea of your goals, requirements and expectations, we can draft professional design plans and engineering specs to ensure that every detail is perfect and nothing is overlooked.

Commercial Hardscaping in Atlanta

Commercial building design has been trending towards a “green” outdoor element. Create green spaces that not only look great but are functional using our hardscaping and outdoor design expertise. Increase the appeal of your spaces to tenants while adding 360°-utility throughout the entire property. Make your commercial property magazine-worthy with Vines Gardening!

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