Fall Landscaping and Gardening: Ready for Next Year!

One of the attractions of living in Georgia is the mild winters, but even this far south, we need to prepare our lawns for the winter seasons and get it ready to roll for next spring. What steps can youLawn Maintenance take to keep your lawn strong and healthy as the holiday season approaches, so that when the planting season arises next year you’re ready to get up and go? Here are some Georgia fall landscaping tips to get your garden ready for next year.

Georgia Fall Landscaping Tips

Most people consider fall the harvest season, where plants start to die and it’s time to relax until next spring. In reality, the consummate gardener and landscaper doesn’t let off of their regular lawn and garden care activities. Staying on top of your regular landscaping maintenance and even adding some autumn color to your yard will keep your home bright and cheerful as well as preparing you in advance for next spring.

Last Mowing of the Season

Give your lawn one last mow. You won’t have to worry about cutting the grass throughout the fall and winter as turf growth slows down during these months due to the cooler temperatures. It’s important, however, to cut the grass one last time by the end of October. This will protect it from disease and blight during the winter months.

Fall Annuals

You can plant fall annuals to keep your garden looking outstanding this time of year even as the summer flowers and plants die off for the year. Consider beautiful flowers like chrysanthemums, candy tufts, baby’s breath, cornflower and snapdragons.

Don’t Stop Pruning

Fall isn’t the time to lay off your pruning activities. Your plants will still need to be trimmed and snipped consistently throughout the autumn. Until they go dormant in November or December, keeping your plants pruned will cut back on the amount of spring cleanup work you’ll need to do.

Get a Jump Start on Spring Planting

Fall is a great time to plant spring bulbs. These plants won’t die; rather, the bulbs will lie dormant until the spring growing season, when they’ll sprout bright and beautiful! While you’re in the garden, why not get a great head start on next year and save yourself the effort later? Bulbs like tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, crocus and other flowers are beautiful to watch come up when it’s time for them to say hello!

Cleaning Up the Weeds

Weeding is another activity that should continue into the fall. The more you stay on top of your weeding activities in the fall months, the better off you’ll be later. Weeds and grasses will continue to grow in your flower and garden beds, and being proactive about taking care of them will mean a lot less work in the spring.

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